Coming Soon: PRCL Staking


April 16, 2024

Parcl Limited, in cooperation with Parcl, is excited to announce a PRCL token staking program, which will begin soon. Staking is foundational to align the ecosystem long-term and will underpin each of the core utilities of $PRCL; staking will effectively unlock all participation in the Parcl ecosystem, including governance, existing & future protocol incentives (more details to be outlined next week), and Parcl Labs Data API access.

Here are the important mechanics of staking:

  1. Epochs are a fundamental principle of time for staking. For Parcl, 1 Epoch = 7 days, with the first epoch being announced shortly.
  2. Staking into the contract: when depositing $PRCL tokens into the staking contract, tokens do not get recognized until the start of the next epoch. View this as a warm-up period.
  3. Un-staking: When un-staking tokens, governance power and protocol incentive rights (such as boosts) are lost immediately. A cool-down period initiates, and tokens can be withdrawn after the cool-down period ends.
  4. Cool-down period: The cool-down period is when tokens remain locked before becoming eligible for withdrawal. The cool-down period related to $PRCL tokens will be two epochs. The cool-down period begins at the start of the next epoch after the user un-stakes.
  5. Withdrawing: The ability to withdraw tokens is enabled after the cool-down period is complete.

Further explicit details outlining PRCL staking utility, integrations, and launch timelines will be shared early next week.

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