PRCL Tokenomics


March 28, 2024

Announcing further details for the PRCL Network Token

Parcl Limited is excited to announce further details about the PRCL network token ahead of its launch in the coming weeks. The launch of PRCL represents a primary step towards the progressive decentralization of the Parcl Ecosystem (the "Ecosystem"). Holders of PRCL will be able to participate in governance regarding certain parts of the Ecosystem. Additionally, they will have access to enhanced utility across data and trading, including incentives within the Parcl Ecosystem, where eligible.

The Parcl Protocol (the “Protocol”) is a first-of-its-kind decentralized exchange with an initial focus on real estate. Parcl’s primary intention is to create a liquid market around the largest asset class in the world by leveraging world-class real estate data. The Protocol is now the top novel DeFi application in the Solana ecosystem from a TVL perspective ($180M+) and a top novel application within the broader blockchain ecosystem. In just a few months, the V3 exchange has facilitated the trading of over 2.1M square feet of notional real estate exposure, equivalent to over 1,400 physical properties. Total notional volume V3 to date now exceeds $940M.

The Parcl Ecosystem has made tremendous strides in its vision of becoming the global standard for real-time real estate pricing and liquidity. The PRCL token will supercharge scaling efforts by improving the experience for LPs and traders alike, enhancing platform liquidity, introducing new assets and encouraging developers to build valuable products in the Parcl Ecosystem. In doing so, the Ecosystem can become the global standard for real-time real estate data, analytics, and price exposure. The market opportunity is in the trillions and Parcl is the first to market with novel products to capitalize on it.

Given these dynamics, it is time to begin the decentralization process to fuel the next growth stage, with the community as a primary driver.

Allocation Details

1,000,000,000 PRCL Tokens will be allocated across the below categories

Community, Growth, & Incentives

Initial Community Distribution (Day 1)

8% of total supply (80,000,000 PRCL)

The PRCL token's first use is an initial distribution to the Parcl community for their contribution in bootstrapping the network and enabling the Protocol to scale to serve hundreds of thousands of users.

80,000,000 PRCL will be distributed to the community on Day 1 in the following denominations, as recommended by Parcl:

  • 75,000,000 (7.5% of supply) will be distributed to early adopters of the Parcl Protocol.
  • 5,000,000 (0.5% of supply) will be distributed to core Parcl community members.

Further details regarding these allocations will be shared via Parcl.

Ongoing Community, Growth, & Incentives

28% (~280,000,000)

28% of the total supply will be reserved in treasury for key protocol objectives such as infrastructure, growth, partnerships, and ongoing network incentives (more details below). The primary purpose of this portion of the allocation is to facilitate and enable the Parcl Protocol to reach its potential in terms of scale. This allocation will be held in the Parcl treasury until governance infrastructure is operational.

Early Supporters & Advisors

28% (~280,000,000)

Parcl has a robust and diverse set of supporters & advisors that have facilitated the growth of the Ecosystem over the past three years. This group has provided immense value with respect to their expertise and strategic guidance, which is expected to continue as the ecosystem scales further.

The tokens allocated to such champions unlock over 3 years, with a 1-year cliff as shown below.

Core Contributors

21% (~210,000,000)

A portion of PRCL tokens is allocated to core contributors. These tokens vest and unlock over 3 years, with a 1-year cliff.

Ecosystem Fund

15% (~150,000,000)

The ecosystem development portion of the token allocation will be kept in treasury. It is intended to foster long-term growth & development of the Parcl Ecosystem. Tokens in this fund will be earmarked for core objectives centered around improving the experience for LPs and traders alike, enhancing Protocol liquidity, and encouraging developers to build valuable products on top of Parcl. In doing so, the Parcl Ecosystem can become the global standard for real-time real estate data, analytics, and price exposure.


The chart below shows how the circulating supply of PRCL tokens will evolve over time:

Note: the evolution of the PRCL circulating supply over time is subject to change as the community makes future decisions on the use of funds and pace of disbursements.



The PRCL token will govern certain aspects of the Protocol & the decentralized trading application. Users will stake the token in order to vote on critical changes to Protocol risk parameters & architecture. A governance structure is expected to be implemented by late 2Q24.

Data functionality

PRCL token holders will have access to best-in-class, institutional quality real estate data via an API powered by Parcl Labs. Over time, eligible users that maintain the required level of PRCL in their connected wallets will continue to receive API access.

Network Incentives

Eligible PRCL holders will be able to participate in Perpetual Network Incentives (e.g., Points), which will commence shortly after the initial distribution event. Further details can be found here.


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