$PRCL is Now Live


April 16, 2024

Parcl Limited is pleased to announce that $PRCL is now live. Early Parcl Ecosystem adopters & core community members have until December 31st, 2024, to claim their allocations at this link. Be extremely cautious and wary of unverified links and other potential scams.

$PRCL represents the first and primary step in decentralizing the Parcl Ecosystem, a novel, best-in-class venue for real estate data, analytics, and liquidity. Thousands of real-world real estate markets have been indexed, and the DEX has executed over $1.35B of trade volume.

Parcl would not be possible without its early adopters & core community members. The initial distribution of $PRCL is a testament to their continued support, feedback, and desire to participate actively in the development of the Parcl Ecosystem. Further allocation details can be found here.

The Pillars of $PRCL

Holders of $PRCL will be eligible to participate in governance regarding certain parts of the Parcl Protocol. Additionally, they will have access to enhanced utility across data & trading, including incentives within the Protocol Ecosystem, where eligible.

Parcl Foundation

The Parcl Foundation will organize and coordinate critical decisions governed by PRCL holders. It has an independent director.

The Opportunity

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, with over $300T of global asset value. The Parcl Ecosystem intends to be the world leader in real estate data, analytics, and real-time liquidity. This journey is just getting started.

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